Luca Rovati
Vice Chairman
Francesco Chiappetta
Vice Chairman
Alessandro Grimaldi
Chief Executive Officer
Dario Cenci
Raffaele Petrone
Jr Partner
Chiara Bernini
Stefano Manghi
Francesco Chiappetta Vice Chairman

  • Senior Advisor Governance at Pirelli & C. S.p.A. where he formerly served as General Counsel and Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs.
  • Previously, he was Secretary to the Board of Directors and General Counsel of Telecom Italia S.p.A.
  • Since 2001, Chiappetta has been Chairman of the “Company Law Working Group” of Business Europe – The Confederation of European Business.
  • He is member of the EU Commission Advisory Group on Company Law and Corporate Governance.
  • Lawyer by profession, he is Company Law Professor at Università Luiss in Rome and Corporate Governance Professor at Università Cattolica in Milan.
  • He sits on the board of primary Italian companies: Autogrill S.p.A., IEO – Oncology European Institute.


  • Target
    - Telecom is a Group with a turnover higher than 31bn€, EBITDA of 6bn€, Net Equity above 20bn€, more than 100k employees.
  • Deal
    - In 2003, Telecom Italia S.p.A merged with its parent company Olivetti S.p.A.
    - It was the most important merger between listed companies that ever occurred in the Italian market.
  • Actions Taken
    - Full company contestability and higher liquidity of the stocks.
    - Improvement of fiscal and financial efficiency among the whole Group.
    - Credit rating improvement.
    - Definition and development of a corporate governance model consistent with the best international practices.


  • Target
    - TIM is a Group with a turnover of 12.9bn€, EBITDA of approx. 4bn€, Net Equity above 8bn€, more than 90k employees.
  • Deal
    - Between December 2004 and June 2005, Telecom Italia Mobile S.p.A merged with its parent company Telecom Italia S.p.A. It represents the last step of the complex Telecom Group reorganization.
  • Actions Taken
    - Simplification of the ownership structure.
    - Improvement of capital and financial conditions.
    - Industrial synergies thanks to the integration between land and mobile phone activities.
    - Changes in the corporate governance model consistent with the best international practices.


  • Target
    - Starting from 2006, the Group has planned a strategy expansion and has started to look for a potential international and industrial partnership.
  • Deal
    - After several negotiations (Murdoch Group, Telefonica, AT&T and American Movili), in October 2007 a pool of investors composed by Mediobanca, Generali, Intesa Sanpaolo, Sintonia e Telefonica enters the company.
  • Actions Taken
    - Transition to a “media company” in line with leading international players and with current technological changes.
    - Costs synergies and foreign developments.


  • Target
    - Camfin S.p.A is the holding company that owns approximately 26% of Pirelli & C.
    - During summer 2012, due to untreatable conflicts, the partnership between Tronchetti Provera and Malacalza families was interrupted.
  • Deal
    - 2013: establishment of Lauro 61, SPV created by Nuove Partecipazioni S.p.A., Clessidra, Intesa SanPaolo and Unicredit.
    - 2013: Lauro 61 launches a takeover bid on Camfin that was consequently delisted.
    - 2014: entrance of the Russian company Rosneft Oil Company and exit of Clessidra, and, in part, of Intesa SanPaolo and Unicredit.
    - 2015: ToB launch on Pirelli through a BidCo majority owned by Chem China, followed by Camfin (included banks and Rosneft).
  • Actions Taken
    - Stabilization of Pirelli’s company structure.
    - Completion of Pirelli’s transition from a family owned company to a public company projected to international markets.
    - Substantial valorisation for those partners left in 2014: 1.8x the invested capital.