Real partnership with an internal governance that guarantees a perfect functioning of the structure and the total alignment of interests between management and investors.

Armònia SGR S.p.A. is an Italian independent asset management company owned by its manager, authorized and supervised by Bank of Italy and CONSOB.

Armònia is a member of AIFI (the Italian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association) and adheres to the Chart for the Sustainable and Responsible Investment of Italian Finance, with the aim to create value for the investors and the company. A medium-long term investment strategy respectful of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) principles.

Sigieri Diaz Pallavicini
Luca Rovati
Vice Chairman
Francesco Chiappetta
Vice Chairman
Alessandro Grimaldi

The four Founding Partners of Armònia – Sigieri Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini, Luca Rovati, Francesco Chiappetta, Alessandro Grimaldi - have important and complementary experiences which grant a unique competitive advantage in Italy able to originate and realize new investments opportunities.


Sustainable and responsible investments: acknowledgement of the importance of environmental, social and governance issues, not only for the ethical value, but also for the economic relevance.


Transparency: to ensure all parties and stakeholders, access to the information regarding the nature of an economic activity, the management terms and the relevant consequences.


Continuity: a medium-long term perspective with the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria creates, within the decision procedures, the premise to reduce the investments inner-workings distortions focused on short-term results.