Development of unexpressed potential growth. Removal of growth stalemates


Armònia creates value through the consolidation of SME’s mainly through a Buy and Build Strategy, in leading production sectors, distinguished by a very high product quality. These are the typical Made in Italy sectors (machinery, mechanics, pharmaceuticals, services, consumer goods, food, luxury and life style), that enabled Italian economy to keep up its competitiveness and that are confirmed to be those that will drive growth in the coming years.

Armònia Italy Fund will focus on those targets that have requirements to prove unexpressed potential growth and to be eligible as a platform for further add-on acquisitions: a significant position in relative market segment, a strategic development plan and the existence on foreign markets.

The development of target companies will take place through actions aimed to remove growth stalemates: generational renewal, lack of management experience and capabilities, lack of shareholding, lack of M&A transactions promotion.